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Mike's Math Page
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This Page will contain some formulas for different subjects in High School.  These subjects are: Algebra, geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calc Trig.  To go along with these forumulas, I will also put some sample problems and how to solve these problems.

This site will also contain some other useful links to other math sites in case you need more information.


This is a very interesting webquest that will assist you on researching Pythagoras

This is a link to a page that has everything to do with math. It has research about a topic, formulas and other things about math. It would be good to visit.

This website contains all types of math. It includes some help formulas for all grade levels

This site contains math formulas and tables

THis site is for students who need help with math. Their is a FAQ place where people might have questions that you might want answered

This site is helpul when it comes to algebra

If you have any questions regarding anything. Just email me at my link

Than YOu