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Sin, Cos, Tan Lesson Plan
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Lesson plan on how to teach Sin, Cos, and Tangent

Michael James


Daily Lesson Plan

I.                    Sin, Cos, and Tan.

II.                 Organization:  Whole Group

-Students will copy the formulas and examples that might help them with their homework and test.  Students will also work individually on some problems to make sure the children understand the topic

III.               Objectives:       - Students will demonstrate be able to locate the legs, and the hypotenuse on a right triangle.

- Students will do problems based on what they learned in class to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic.

-Students will be able to solve Sin, Cos, and Tan, functions in their calculators, and give their measurements.

            IV.       Standards Covered:      2.10

-         Identify right angles in the environment.

-         Identify and compare parts of right triangles, including right angles, acute angles, hypotenuses and legs.

-         Compute measures of sides and angles using proportions, the Pythagorean Theorem and right triangle relationships.

-         Solve problems requiring indirect measurement for lengths of sides of triangles.

-         Identify, create and solve practical problems involving right triangles using the trigonometric functions and the Pythagorean Theorem.

V.        Materials:         - Textbooks (for problems in the chapter)

                                    -  Calculators

                                    -Overhead projector or white board to write important          formulas and examples for the students to understand.


VII.            Procedure:  Intro/Motivation-  My intro will be to show students some formulas for Sin, Cos, and Tan.  Especially, SOH, CAH, TOA.  It will explain this formula, and how they can use this to get angle measurements and lengths of the legs or hypotenuse.  After showing students how to use this formula, I will show the students how to use the calculator to solve some of the problems to do with this formula.

-  The motivation that I will use is to again give out the triangles that I gave out in the Pythagorean lesson and show students other ways to find measurements of sides and angles.  I will split the class up into groups and allow students to interact with each other describing and explaining to their group members how they arrived at the answer.

Developmental Activities-  Depending on how the students grasp this topic, I will have an activity like Jeopardy or Hollywood Squares where students have the opportunity to gain extra point for their test.  I will give problems based on the homework and the team that has the most points will get a certain amount of points on their test.


VII.            Closure:-  To close the class, I will briefly summarize what we have learned in class, and I will go over a couple of the homework problems so the students will understand them for homework.  Students will have the opportunity to ask me questions about the lesson if they need to.  I will also emphasize if the homework is not completed they will get a miss for the homework and it will lower their grade.

VIII.         Adaptations-  For those with special needs, I will give out sheets with the formulas that I given in class with a couple of examples of how to do them.  I will also help them after class if the need some extra help.  The next day I will check their homework and correct them if necessary.  If they understand the problems, I will allow a couple of them to go to the board and do an assigned homework problem.

IX.              Evaluation-  Student-  I feel that the students will be able to do the assigned problems with the homework cause I will be spending a good amount of time on some examples so the homework shouldn’t be a problem.

Teacher-  The topic is slightly hard to understand, but if I go over the formula enough and do some problems pertained to the formula then students should be able to grasp the topic and complete the homework problems.

X.                 Follow- up- A follow up lesson will be to teach the students how to do Sin, Cos, and Tan functions.

XI              Assessment:      To check on the students progress on this topic, I will have a quiz at the end of the class the summarized some examples I addressed in class or I will ask certain group members to get up and explain how they arrived at the answer to the class so not only will the group member understand what their explaining, but hopefully other classmates will understand how the group arrived at the answer.




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