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Pythagorean Theorem Lesson Plan
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This is a good way to introduce this topic.


Michael James


Daily Lesson Plan

I.                    The Pythagorean Theorem

II.                 Organization:  Whole Group

-Students will copy the formulas and examples that might help them with their homework and test.  Students will also work individually on some problems to make sure the children understand the topic


III.       Objectives:       -Students will be able to solve problems for either the a, b, or c variables.

-         Students will demonstrate their ability to locate the legs, and the hypotenuse on a right triangle.

-         Students will do problems based on what they learned in class to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic


IV.       Standard Covered:       2.10

-         Identify right angles in the environment.

-         Identify and compare parts of right triangles, including right angles, acute angles, hypotenuses and legs.

-         Compute measures of sides and angles using proportions, the Pythagorean Theorem and right triangle relationships.

-         Identify, create and solve practical problems involving right triangles using the trigonometric functions and the Pythagorean Theorem

V.        Materials:         - Textbooks (for problems in the chapter)

                                    -  Calculators

                                    -Overhead projector or white board to write important          formulas and examples for the students to understand.


Procedure:  Intro/Motivation- My motivation to get the entire class involved is to explain the Pythagorean Theorem first and show some examples of how to solve some problems using this formula.  To get the entire class involved, I will bring in cut outs of different triangles with a 90 degree measurement.  I will split the class into groups where each member will give their version of how to use the Pythagorean Theorem and hopefully that will get the other members in the group to either argue or agree their point with the others.


Developmental Activities- An activity that I might consider giving is an extra credit game where the winning group will get a certain amount of point toward their test.  I will give some advanced problems from the section and each team will have the opportunity to answer and the winning team will get a certain amount of points to their test grade.


VII.      Closure:            -To close the class, I will briefly go over the main parts of the class, and I will go over a problem from the homework.  I will again emphasize that students will be chosen at random to go to the board and do a problem from the homework.  Students will have the opportunity to come to me if they need help with the homework.  Anyone that doesn’t do the problem will get a check for missed homework.

VIII      Adaptations-  For those with special needs, I will give out sheets with the formulas that I given in class with a couple of examples of how to do them.  I will also help them after class if the need some extra help.  The next day I will check their homework and correct them if necessary.  If they understand the problems, I will allow a couple of them to go to the board and do an assigned homework problem.

IX.       Evaluation-       Students- By doing some examples and going over how to use the formula students will be able to grasp the topic, and if there is any student who needs further help I will stay after school or make arrangements to help the student understand the topic.

                                    Teacher-  By how the Students respond to the lesson, will tell me how I should teach the next class, whether I should make adjustments or what would I take out.

X.        Follow-Up:       I will put both the Sin, Cos, and Tan functions lesson and this lesson plan so students will be able to do more complicated problems.

XI        Assessment:      To check on the students progress on this topic, I will have a mini quiz at the end of the class based on the activity we did in the class, or I will ask some students to stand up and explain their model to the class, and tell the class how the Pythagorean Theorem is used.





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