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To Salary Cap or Not to Salary Cap Football

                                                Teacher Overview

-          In this lesson, the students are going to learn the value of money.  The students are for once going to experience what NFL owners go through throughout the entire year.  Each student will be the owner of their team.  They are going to make a team both with and without a salary cap. The students will pick a quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker, and a defensive team.   The questions they will ask themselves is do you think that this team will win the Super Bowl and what makes your team better then the rest of your classmates.  The students will compare and contrast their teams at the end of the projects sharing the players and their total salary cap.  The project without the salary cap, students will be given one month to gather up their team and each player’s salary cap.  On top of information given, give a reason why you think that you team will or will not win the Super Bowl.  For the salary cap, each student will be given a 120 million dollar limit, which they cannot go over.  This will be done on a weekly basis both in and out of class.  Injured players can be released at no cost, but regular dropping and adding cost 100 dollars.

-          This project will be mostly aimed at High School students.

-          Academic Standard for Mathematics



o       2.1.11A, 2.2.11ABCDE, 2.4.11E, 2.5.11ABCD, 2.6.11BG, and 2.7.11ABCDE

-          Students will have access to the computers in the classroom for one of the projects.  Students will be responsible for checking stats on a weekly basis on a site that has salary cap football.  Students are able to drop and add as much as possible but they have to realize after each drop and add it will cost them more money.


-  Football is one of Americas most favorite and intense sports.  People say that if they ran the team things will be different.  Well, here is your chance.  There will be two parts to this project.  The salary cap part where you will be given a 120 million dollar cap.  Keep in mind the players that may cause trouble because they could effect the functioning of the team.  Also, you will be picking a team regardless of the salary cap.  For both parts, students will be providing the players salary and the reason they think their team will win the Super Bowl.  After the project is finished, they will have to reflect on the project.  They will have to answer one question.  Does necessarily having the best team mean that will win the Super Bowl?

-  Explain why you chose each member to be apart of your team and add any information that you think would be appropriate to this project.

-  The class will be divided intro groups of 3-5 people.  The project without the salary cap cannot be changed where as the Salary Cap project can be changed weekly.




The following websites will be beneficial to your project.  Make sure that all information taken from the websites is documented at the end.

USA Today- Sports/ Football-  This site contains information about the NFL    players including the teams they play for and the amount of money they made from the past to the present.

NFL.Com- This site contains everything about the NFL.  It contains everything from past Super Bowl winners to MVP’s.  There is a lot of information that can be helpful for this project.

CBS Sportsline-  This site is useful if your looking to find the perfect players for your team.  It contains information about each player and predictions for the year.  You might need to sign up for this and it is free.

Yahoo Fantasy Football- This site is almost like CBS Sportsline.  If you need practice with creating a team, this is the site for you.  You can create your on salary cap team.  This shows some things that I might expect.

ESPN-  This site contains everything the other sites have and more.  If you need another site to get information from,  ESPN is the site where you can get this information.






Gathering and Sorting

-          The students will look at this websites and gather the information needed for this project.  If students get information form another site, they must document it and let the teacher know, so they can determine if it is a valuable source or not.

-          The students will need to gather the following information:

o       The players that they chose for each project:

o       The team name that the player plays for ( It could be more then one if the player was traded mid-season):

o       The salary that the player made that year:

o       The position of the player on the team (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF):

o       The coach of the player on the team:

o       Write at least two questions or two statements that might be useful:

o       Rate this project and also write a reflection.

The Portfolio

-          Students will review each of the sites given to them.  Students will then determine which sites were the most useful and which they wouldn’t use again.

-          Students will write a one page reflection on the project itself.  They will say if they like the project and if they would recommend other classed doing this project.  For the non- salary cap portion, the students will also add on the reflection if there is any players they would change, and for the salary cap project, how many changes were made to give you the team you finished with and why. 



-          The last question they will answer is what do you think of being an NFL team owner?


-          Some class time will be given for meeting in groups.  Students will decide on which players they would want on their team.  Students will then decide on what players to add or drop in the salary cap project.  Students will share their information and the end of the project and tell us why they think their team is either good enough to win the Super Bowl or why their team lacks the ability.


-          After the project is handed out, the grading of the project will be explained to the students.

o       The total amount of point that a group can get is 100. 

o       40 points= The Salary Cap Project

o       30 points= The Non- Salary Cap Project

o       20 points= The reflection, which will be graded on the grammar of the project and your thinking on the project

o       5 points= The presentation of the project

o       5 points= The grading of each group member and what each member did.  The students will had hand in a separate piece of paper determining what each group member did or didn’t do so the teacher can grade their performance

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