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Here are some helpful formulas that can be used in Algebra.

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What Is Algebra?
Algebra is a language that has its own vocabulary.  It includes Rational numbers, Irrational numbers, Real numbers, variables, expression, terms, coefficents and constants.
Order of Operation  Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
THis is a simple formula when dealing with adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, exponents, etc all in on problem.  The first thing that you start with is P, which stands for Parenthesis.  Then next thing would be E, which is Exponents. The P and E belong to one group where the M and D belong to the next, and the last group is the A and S.  The M stands for Multiply, the D for Divide, the A for Addition and S for Subtraction.  If you follow the order of operation, it will work everytime.
FOIL- First, Outside, Inside, Last.  When dealing with problems like
(x+2)(x+3).  First, x*x. Outside, x*3.  Inside, 2*x.  Last, 2*3.
Slope- this is always identied with the letter mm always equals rise/run, or rise divided by run.  Many formulas can be written with this letter.  For instance, to find the slope when given (X1,Y1) and (X2,Y2) where X and Y stand for any number. To solve this, use (Y2-Y1)/ (X2-X1).
Slope Intercept Formula-  Y=MX+B.  The slope is always next to the x.  The b stands for the Y-Intercept, which tells us where to start on the graph of an x and y axis.

When you get to Algebra 2, all of these formulas will be helpful in the course.  Algebra 2 is just a continuation of Algeba 1 but at a harder level. If you know how to use these formulas, you will be fine.